My Favorite Drug Store Beauty Finds

I have found that I don’t need to spend a lot for great beauty products – especially the basics. I splurge on face creams and perfumes, which usually last me months. For my daily routine I use a mix of price points, both department store and drug store beauty products . Here are my favorites from the drug store:

Drug Store Beauty Finds

1 – I have been using L’Oreal Paris Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner for almost four years. I have tried several other liquid eyeliners, even some with high price tags, but always come back to this one. It’s hands down my favorite liquid eyeliner. It has a soft, felt tip rather than a brush, which you see in a lot of liquid eyeliners. It’s easy to use and creates a perfect line – thick or thin. I wear it everyday. A thinner line for work or daytime, and a heavier line for night.

2 – The best face wash: Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser. It’s nothing fancy, dye free and gentle on skin. I wash my face with this everyday in the shower.

3 – I’ve been trying every lip stain under the sun. I have found there are two types: crayons or markers. I use both, but I prefer the crayon like lip stains. Lately, I’ve been using Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. My favorite shade is Sweetheart Valentine. It goes on smooth and keeps your lips moisturized. And unlike the marker type of lip stain, it doesn’t dry out your lips.

4 – I have been experimenting with adding a line of gold above my black liquid eyeliner for when I want to add an extra punch. I first tried a bright gold, but it was a bit much. Now I’m using NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Sparkle Nude. I apply it on my eyelid along the lash line (a little thicker than normal), and then add my black liquid eyeliner on top – leaving just a thin line of sparkle above the black.

5 – I don’t wear concealer or cover up, but use a face powder to eliminate shine. I never spend a lot on powder and find drug store face powders work great for me. Right now I’m using Milani Face Powder in Light Tan. It’s not heavy and takes care of shine.

What are your favorite drug store beauty products? Which beauty products will you splurge on?



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