Friday Favorites

What I’m loving on the internet this week:

00368-Katie-del-Castillo---TheEveryGirl_0This apartment tour on The Everygirl. U.S. Army Captain Katie del Castillo’s D.C. apartment is stylish and whimsical. She is the perfect example of strong and beautiful.

I hate that we look at women who choose not to run a country as having given up. I get angry that, when a woman decides to hold off on gunning for a promotion because she wants to have a baby, other women whisper that “she’s throwing away her potential.” That is when we’re not supporting our own. Who are we to put such a limited definition on success?
-Zosia Mamet

♥ What does winning mean to you? Every woman has a different definition of success. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Just because another woman’s definition is different than yours does not mean you’re unsuccessful. Take a step back and decide what’s right for you. I enjoyed reading Zosia Mamet’s take on the subject here.


♥ Recipe to try this weekend: Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps. A healthier take on wings.

Have a happy weekend!




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