Friday Favorites: Romantic Comedies

I love all types of movies. Drama, action, thrillers…but romantic comedies are my favorite. I re-watch the same ones over and over again. They never get old. And I watch them even more around Christmastime – a few of my favorites are Christmas themed (Love Actually, White You Were Sleeping, Serendipity). There’s just something about a good love story this time of year. So, do you agree with any of my favorites? What romantic comedy do you watch over and over again?

  1. Two Weeks Notice
  2. A Lot Like Love
  3. You’ve Got Mail
  4. It’s Complicated
  5. Sleepless in Seattle
  6. Love Actually
  7. Never Been Kissed
  8. Notting Hill
  9. Clueless
  10. Crazy Stupid Love
  11. Groundhog Day
  12. He’s Just Not That Into You
  13. While You Were Sleeping
  14. Serendipity
  15. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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